What is Unscripted Twillingate?

Unscripted Twillingate Digital Arts Festival

Mark your calendars for 20 to 23 September 2018

Participants in a Rooting for Success photo hike that explored the root cellars of Twillingate during the Unscripted Digital Arts Festival in 2015

Rooting for Success

Creativity comes naturally in a place like Twillingate. Where inspiration can be found around every corner, trail, cove, bay, wave and harbour. With light and skies so spectacular they simply have to be captured and shared. With stories so compelling and rich that they have to be told. With songs and lyrics so enchanting, they have to be sung. With a history of merchants and fishermen with cod as its currency Twillingate has secrets waiting be discovered.

A Congregation of Creative Spirits

From smartphones to tablet computers, from GoPro action video to light painting, from webcasting to digital sound… Our new stories are more vibrant, clearer, richer, instantaneous and so compelling that it has to be shared with the world – at the push of a button. Atlantic Canada’s first digital arts festival is a congregation of creative spirits, adventurous souls and curious minds who love digital arts, from the most simple to the most complex.

Learn, Share, and Create

Learn from leaders and accomplished digital storytellers – adventurers, photographers, filmmakers, sound editors, writers, bloggers, Facebookers, Instagrammers and be a part of the creative process. Share with other participants. Learn from each other. Celebrate each other’s work.

Workshops and Fresh Air

This 4-day festival contains exciting experiential workshops from leaders in their fields.Take your lenses, microphones and devices to the outdoors: on our trails, our ocean, our people. Sit on a story bench and listen to living history told by those who made it happen. There is something for everyone – from 9 to 90.

Spend the day learning from leading edge digital creatives.

…and Finally, CELEBRATE with music, food and entertainment!!

Take part in entertainment each evening.  We have fond memories of our first Unscripted Festival in 2015:  from WineDing up at Twillingate’s winery, to a Kitchen Party with Mummers , to an edible feast, a Film Festival and WineDing down with a gala night of celebrating the week’s best creative work.

Join us in 2018: Learn, share, create and celebrate – Unscripted!