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For media inquiries, contact:
Kim White, Unscripted Festival,
+(709) 893-2062 (office)

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Podcasts: Unscripted Twillingate


Pete’s Podcast: Peter Garland interviews Nina Elliott, workshop leader for Crafting Your Digital Art that will happen on 23 Sept. 2017

Pete’s Podcast: Peter Garland interviews The Split Peas, who will be performing a Kitchen Party for the Unscripted Festival on 20 Sept. 2017 at 8:15 pm


(with host Peter Garland)

7 September 2016:  What’s Happening on Day One of Unscripted Twillingate? (21 Sept)

31 August 2016:  What is Unscripted Twillingate?

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Finding Home – YouTube Video Production from 2015 Festival